PUDLO is a powdered, non-toxic, odourless admixture which makes concrete completely waterproof. It also increases concrete’s strength, provides resistance to corrosion, significantly improves workability, and reduces shrinkage and wetting expansion.

All known corrosive effects on concrete are moisture-driven. PUDLO waterproofs concrete and therefore increases its durability by reducing the number and size of capillary pores, inhibiting transport mechanisms for water and water-borne chemicals. PUDLO concrete is also acid resistant.

How PUDLO protects concrete

Capillary restriction: PUDLO modified concrete has a distinct microstructure characterised by discontinuous pore formation and an overall reduction in the size of the capillary pore network.

Capillary blocking: In addition to altering the microstructure, PUDLO contains hydrophobic pore-blocking compounds. These permanently seal remaining voids in the concrete to further increase structural durability, providing an additional level of protection against water migration and corrosive attack.

Independent analysis by the Concrete Durability Group at Imperial College London reveals the substantial reduction in water transport mechanisms in PUDLO modified concrete.

Microslides showing the reduction in the capillary pour water transport mechanisms as a result of PUDLO where red spaces denote voids.


The control concrete used for testing has a water/cement ratio of 0.45. Even before the addition of PUDLO, this control concrete is already more water resistant than some concretes modified with competing admixtures. The addition of PUDLO to the control mix results in a five-fold reduction in the water permeability characteristics of an already high quality control concrete.
Microstructural examination carried out by Imperial College revealed that PUDLO has a distinct microstructure resulting in a discontinuous pore structure with an order of magnitude reduction in the capillary pore network. The Imperial College’s findings are supported by scientific evaluations of PUDLO properties by a wide range of independent organizations including:

  • British Board of Agrément (BBA)
  • BRE
  • Mott MacDonald – Special Services
  • Taywood Engineering
  • Cemex
  • LSM
  • Al-Futtaim
  • Fugro Middle East
  • Al-Futtaim Bodycote
  • Arab Centre for Engineering Studies