Stamping, dosing & monitoring
  • The production and placement of PUDLO modified concrete is carefully monitored by qualified concrete technologists and site inspectors.
  • PUDLO concrete technologists are highly qualified and experienced in cement and concrete technology, providing valuable technical advice.
  • As our customers and partners, you have the reassurance of our technical experts when faced with waterproofing issues.
  • As part of the QA / QC procedure of PUDLO MIDDLE EAST, our qualified site inspectors provide a free monitoring service of the dosing of PUDLO at concrete batching plants. The concrete delivery notes are duly stamped as “PUDLO Added” (as shown below) to certify that PUDLO has been dosed as per project requirements.
  • As an additional service, PUDLO Middle East could arrange free manpower to dose PUDLO at concrete batching plants. Nevertheless, this service will be subject to availability.